New high-def life for old video


Sellers at AFM will get to see a process today that can reformat back catalog product into high definition for the growing outlets demanding it.

Hollywood-based eDef Media Labs is bringing its new HD3 Hi Def transformation process to show sellers at the AFM this morning.

The company is touting the process as being able to deliver "true HDTV" from "any standard video," which is good news for those looking to reformat and strike deals with channels looking for content in the format.

The fundamental principle in the HD3 process is the enhancement of a standard picture at the pixel level before expanding it to high definition, thus creating an improved standard definition master en route to HDTV.

eDef president Ron Atkinson said the transformation process was invented by technical engineer and eDef partner Sidney Kassouf.

"Three recent presidents of the Society of Television Engineers have approved the HD3 process for their companies," Atkinson said.

His company plans to target any studio, network or distributor with significant hours of video media they wish to see in high definition, whether for broadcast, DVD, the Internet or other uses.