New high-def titles blossom at Magnolia


Magnolia Home Entertainment, part of vertical distributor Mark Cuban's entertainment empire, has announced its first wave of high-definition titles.

The distributor will bow six Blu-ray Disc releases Oct. 10. The titles from HDNet television include "Bubble" ($29.98), a 2005 film by director Steven Soderbergh about three Midwestern factory workers whose lives are changed by a local murder; "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room," ($29.98), a documentary about how top executives at the infamous Houston company profited despite its spectacular fall into bankruptcy; and "The War Within" ($29.98), which explores the transformation of a Pakistani man into a suicide bomber and his moral dilemmas. This title includes audio commentary by writer-director Joseph Castelo and actor Firdous Bamji.

Also on the slate are "Bikini Destinations: Triple Fantasy" ($26.98), which showcases beautiful women in exotic locations; "HDNet World Report Special: Shuttle Discovery's Historic Mission" ($26.98), featuring coverage of the spacecraft's 2005 launch, including footage from Mission Control; and the 2005 comedy "One Last Thing" ($29.98), starring Cynthia Nixon ("Sex and the City") and Sunny Mabrey ("Snakes on a Plane"), featuring interviews with actors and director Alex Steyermark.

Los Angeles-based Magnolia is scheduled to bow a slate of films in the rival HD DVD format in November.