New Hillary Clinton Novel Imagines Her Life if She Hadn't Married Bill

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'Prep' and 'American Wife' author Curtis Sittenfeld is set to write the book.

A best-selling novelist is imagining how Hillary Clinton's life might have turned out had she never married Bill Clinton.

Random House announced Monday that Curtis Sittenfeld will tell the story from the point of view of Hillary Rodham. In real life, the former first lady did turn down Bill Clinton's marriage proposals at first before agreeing to marry. In the novel, not yet titled, she turns down Clinton once and for all, then goes on with her life.

No release date was announced.

Sittenfeld wrote American Wife, whose main character was believed to have been loosely based on Laura Bush. Sittenfeld also wrote Prep, about a Massachusetts prep school.

Sci-fi writer William Gibson is also writing a novel about Hillary Clinton in which he imagines that she won the presidential election.