New Italy-China Co-Production Treaty Yields First 3 Projects

One project will be co-written by Locarno Golden Leopard winner Maurizio Sciarra and Ni Zhen, the writer behind Oscar-nominated "Raise the Red Lantern."

ROME – The first products of the newly-signed co-production treaty between Italy and China were unveiled Wednesday with the announcement of three new films headlined by Everlasting Moments will be co-written by Italy’s Maurizio Sciarra and Ni Zhen of China.

Also in the works: Hibiscus, a new drama from Paolo Logi and Alessandro Pondi, both of Italy, and co-produced by Chinese television giant Tianjin TV, and a documentary China Loves Italy, which will explore Italian industrial culture in China, directed by Ignazio Agosta.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano helped finalized the terms for the co-production agreement, which was signed earlier this month. It did not take long for the treaty to bear fruit.

Everlasting Moments is the highest profile project announced, backed by Sciarra, a Locarno Golden Leopard winner in 2001 for Alla rivoluzione sulle due cavalli (Off to the Revolution in a 2CV), and Ni, best known as the screenwriter behind Oscar-nominated Da hing deng long gao gao gua (Raise the Red Lantern) from 1991. The film will be produced in Italy by Urania Pictures and in China by broadcaster CCTV6.

The two countries said they would work to further develop their ties in the future, with regular meetings held in both countries, plus a presence at major film festivals.