New Line Cinema: Sitting on the sideline

Films tracked: 13 | Market share 2.8% | Boxoffice: $251.7 mil

New Line Cinema spent most of the year on the sidelines because few of its major movies seemed to find an audience. The studio's attempt to court the Christian market with "The Nativity Story" didn't walk on water, attracting only a limited number of the faithful. "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny" gave Jack Black the first bomb of his career. Despite all the buzz surrounding "Snakes on a Plane," which became an object lesson in the pluses and minuses of Internet buzz, it ultimately played like most B-movie releases. New Line is counting on next year's high-profile movies -- the tentpole fantasies "The Golden Compass" and "Inkheart," the musical "Hairspray," actioners "Rush Hour 3" and "Shoot 'Em Up" and dramas "Rendition" and "Fracture" -- to get it back into the game.

New Line Cinema releases Date Boxoffice
Final Destination 3 2/10 $54.1
Running Scared 2/24 6.9
Take the Lead 4/7 34.7
Hoot 5/5 8.1
Snakes on a Plane 8/18 34.0
How to Eat Fried Worms 8/26 13.0
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning 10/6 39.5
Little Children 10/6 2.5
Tenacious D: the Pick of Destiny 11/22 8.3
the nativity story 12/1 36.7
The New World 12/25/05 12.5
Just Friends 11/23/05 1.0
A History of Violence 9/23/05 0.3

The boxoffice and market share for each distributor represents tickets sales from Jan. 3, 2006, through Jan. 1, 2007, inclusive. "Films tracked" represents the total number of films, including 2005 releases that generated ticket sales for each distributor. For 2005 releases, only boxoffice returns from 2006 are reported.