New Line: Return to the ring

2007 boxoffice: $487.0 mil | Market share: 5.1%

New Line suffered through a somnolent spring and a frigid fall but roused itself during the summer. "Hairspray," which the studio nurtured through its previous incarnations as a John Waters comedy and Broadway musical, became the third-highest-grossing musical of all time as it danced to $118.8 million. And the "Rush Hour" team reassembled after a six-year hiatus to the tune of $140.1 million. New Line heads Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne were looking to "The Golden Compass" to establish a new fantasy franchise a la "The Lord of the Rings." But with just $61.4 million domestically, that gambit fell short. But as the year ended, the studio struck a pact with Peter Jackson to executive produce a two-film adaptation of "The Hobbit," which New Line will co-produce with MGM.

New Line Cinema 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
Code Name: The Cleaner1/58.1
The Number 232/2335.1
Full of It3/20.01
The Last Mimzy3/2321.5
Rush Hour 38/10140.1
Shoot 'Em Up9/712.8
Mr. Woodcock9/1425.8
Martian Child11/27.5
Love in the Time of Cholera11/164.6
The Golden Compass12/761.4
Little Children10/6/062.9
The Nativity Story12/1/060.1