New Line Reups First-Look Deal with Benderspink (Exclusive)

The management-production company is seeking to be a more prominent supplier of projects for the studio.

Management-production company Benderspink has re-upped their deal with New Line, extending the first-look pact that began in 1999 for another two years.

It will be a leaner and meaner Benderspink at New Line, one that will reflect the changes the company has undergone this past year which saw several longtime managers depart. The change will reflect a refocus on the producing side as the company seeks to be a more prominent supplier of projects for New Line, for whom it made Monster-In-Law, Just Friends, History of Violence and The Butterfly Effect.

At the same time, the company’s management side is being rejiggered to veer away from low-yield work such as writing assignments to the impetus of creating original content and properties.

Chris Bender and JC Spink, along with partner Jake Weiner, are lining up a slate that includes the magician comedy Burt Wonderstone, which they are producing with Steve Carell’s Carousel label and hoping for a fall start; the remake of the Spanish comedy Torrente, which has Sacha Baron Cohen attached; The $40,000 Man by Jonathan Goldstein and Jon Daley; and the adaptation of acclaimed DC/Vertigo comic Y: The Last Man.

(The company most recently was involved with Arthur and received executive producing credits on Hangover 2.)

The management division isn’t falling by the way side, however, with Bender and Spink wanting to focus on finding a new generation of voices and work with clients to develop original content. The duo have promoted James Engle
and Christopher Cosmos to lead the next gen charge. Engle and Cosmos will work under Weiner and manager/producer Langley Perer.

Benderspink continues to manage Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, Hop writer Brian Lynch, author Jennifer Weiner, and and creators/writers Mike Bender & Doug Chernack, among others.

Among the crop of up-and-comers are Chris Alender, the founder of creative agency and production facility Soapbox Films, Clay Tweel, the director of the new documentary Make Believe, and Bandon Willer, a newcomer whose spec City of Refuge got notices around town.

Benderspink also has a first look television deal with CBS/Paramount.

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