New Line takes ads to MediaCom


New Line is pulling its media chores from Aegis Group's Carat and placing them with WPP's MediaCom without a review. The client spent $250 million on domestic ads in 2007, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

The shift will take place after the Time Warner-owned New Line releases "Sex and the City" in May.

Word of the shift came a month after Time Warner said it would fold New Line into its larger Warner Bros. film unit, a MediaCom client.

According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, Warner Bros. spent more than $600 million on ads in 2007. Combined, the Warner Bros./New Line account would surpass $850 million, based on 2007 spending levels. But the New Line ad budget is expected to fall because the unit will produce fewer films as part of Warner Bros. (Last year, New Line produced 12 features; that number likely will be halved.)

Time Warner has said the consolidation would help reduce costs and double New Line's profit over time. New Line was founded 40 years ago by Robert Shaye, who continued to oversee operations until last month.