New matching fund for Dutch producers


AMSTERDAM -- Eleven Dutch film producers have sent their representatives to stand in line for two weeks outside the offices of the Dutch Film Fund here to apply for a new subsidy.

Last week the Dutch government approved an additional €11.8 million ($15.7 million) as part of a matching fund. Producers who want to have a slice of the pie will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Among the producers queuing outside the Film Fund offices are Fu Works (producer of "Black Book"), IdtV ("Twin Sisters"), Motel Films ("Phileine Says Sorry") and Spaghetti Film ("Simon").

The new matching fund allows Dutch producers with 65% of their budget in place -- from mainly private sources -- to apply for the remaining 35% through the new funding.

The European Commission in Brussels still has to greenlight the incentive, but Dutch Film Fund director Toine Berbers expects that to be a formality.