New 'Neighbors' Trailer Explains Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne's Feud With Zac Efron's Frat (Video)

Another look at Universal's upcoming comedy, focused more on the married couple characters, has debuted online.

The second trailer for Zac Efron and Seth Rogen's upcoming Universal comedy Neighbors has debuted, focusing more on Rogen and Rose Byrne's married couple and how they end up fighting with the frat next door.

As the trailer begins, Rogen and Byrne's characters are happily married with a young baby but aren't getting out much, so they're pleased to see some new neighbors move in. "But when they realize the people living next door are a bunch of fraternity brothers, they also want them to keep it down.

It seems the brothers, led by Efron's character, are sensitive to the newlyweds' needs. "Make sure if we're too noisy, call me first, don't call the cops," he says, winking. "I'll go tell them to shh."

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But soon, fireworks are shooting out of the house during a loud party, and the couple's plan to call the cops "anonymously" backfires upon their arrival.

"Everyone has caller ID," the police officer tells them.

The two sides are found feuding, including the airbag stunt featured in the last trailer.

Neighbors hits theaters on May 9.

Watch the full trailer below.