New Nielsen service spots ad watchers


NEW YORK -- Nielsen Media Research is giving advertisers a leg up on finding out who’s watching their ads.

In launching DemoWatch, part of its Web-based commercial-tracking service, advertisers can see who’s watching not just for ratings purposes but to make sure their adult-themed ads aren’t put in front of children.

DemoWatch merges demo ratings from the overnight TV service and commercial monitoring from KeepingTrac. Advertisers of food, alcohol, R-rated movies and other products can make sure their ads are in line with guidelines. The ads need to be encoded but can be used to track by the next day commercials in all of Nielsen’s 210 markets.

“These are services that can benefit both the advertiser and its agencies,” said Andrew Jung, senior director of advertising and media at Kellogg’s North America. “Advertisers need to get more involved in this process and should begin encoding all commercials.”

Nielsen Media Research is owned by the Nielsen Co., which also owns The Hollywood Reporter.