New 'Nymphomaniac' Clip Shows Charlotte Gainsbourg Going Celibate (Video)


Lars von Trier's two-part sex epic premieres in Denmark on Christmas Day.

After the NSFW clips we've come to associate with Lars von Trier's upcoming sex epic Nymphomaniac, the latest sneak peek unveiled Friday by production company Zentropa is decidedly family-friendly.

The short clip from Chapter 7 of the two-part feature shows Charlotte Gainsbourg, as the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe of the film's title, stripping her apartment of anything that reminds her of her own sexuality. That includes painting over mirrors to block her own reflection.

Nymphomaniac features an all-star ensemble that includes Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman, Stellan Skarsgard, Jamie Bell and Christian Slater. The film will have its world premiere in Denmark on December 25 and go out via Magnolia Pictures in the U.S. -- first as a VOD premiere, then theatrically -- in March and April.

You can watch the latest Nymphomaniac clip below: