New 'Office' for Poehler?


Amy Poehler might be joining her "Saturday Night Live" pal Tina Fey as a primetime player for NBC.

Poehler is said to be in negotiations to star in NBC's spinoff of "The Office."

NBC and creator Greg Daniels have been mum on details about the project. The only actor cast in the project so far is comedian Aziz Ansari, but there's been speculation that the show might be built around a name actor, similar to how the original "Office" is anchored by Steve Carell.

Poehler's name was first linked to the "Office" spinoff in April, shortly after NBC announced the project at its "infront" presentation and before the release of Poehler's first starring feature, "Baby Mama," in which she shared top billing with Fey.

After the movie's big opening weekend that elevated Poehler to a bankable film star, the rumor went dormant for a while until resurfacing with a vengeance in late June, when serious talks with the networks are said to have begun.

If the deal closes, Poehler, a key member of the "SNL" cast and "Weekend Update" co-anchor, will follow in the footsteps of Fey. She also left "SNL," where she shared the "Weekend Update" desk with Poehler, to topline an NBC comedy, her Emmy-winning "30 Rock."

NBC and Poehler's reps at Endeavor and 3 Arts declined comment.

Poehler would leave a void on "SNL," where her gallery of memorable characters includes Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Another issue is Poehler's pregnancy. She is due in the fall, and the "Office" spinoff is scheduled to debut after the Super Bowl in early February, though that might change.

Fey's 2005 pregnancy delayed production on the pilot for "30 Rock." (Nellie Andreeva)