New Racy H. Stern Jewelry Campaign Features Topless Katie Holmes

The actress steps out of the shadow of her husband Tom Cruise with her sultry campaign for the international jewelry company.

Katie Holmes has practically taken out a billboard to announce that she's much, much more than just the wife of superstar Hollywood icon Tom Cruise. Mrs. Cruise has landed a major brand ambassador gig as the new face of luxury jewelry company H. Stern.

But, as is often the case in jewelry ads --- and sometimes fashion ads -- she's showing way more skin than jewelry.

Suri Cruise's mom poses in both a black and a white swimsuit bra top (and sometimes topless), setting the camera lens on fire with her kohl-rimmed eyes, come hither stare and damp, tousled hair.

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Katie, 33, has modeled for the conservative clothing line Ann Taylor but this is definitely the hottest we've seen her look since she hooked up with Tom. Avid fans may recall her topless moment in the 2000 movie The Gift.

So far, the ads are only being shown in Israel. It remains to be seen if they will appear in the U.S. But we can't wait to see these and hopefully some even sexier shots in the U.S. soon.

Go, Katie. You've come a long, long way from Dawson's Creek.


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