New 'Runner Runner' Trailer: Timberlake, Affleck Raise the Stakes (Video)

The latest look at the Fox drama provides more suspense and double-crossing.

The new trailer for Fox's upcoming gambling drama Runner Runner amps up the suspense and double-crossing hinted at in previous looks at the film.

In the movie, Justin Timberlake plays Richie, a Princeton grad student who confronts Ben Affleck's offshore gambling magnate, Ivan Block, after he believes he's been swindled by one of Block's online poker games.

Richie subsequently accepts a job offer from Block, but, as the new trailer suggests, the whole thing could be a setup.

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Affleck is shown talking to another character who says, "We would love to haul an American in as the face of corruption," after which the trailer cuts to Timberlake's character saying, "This whole thing's a trap?"

A subplot in which it appears that Block kidnaps Richie's father is also teased.

The new trailer also shows more of Gemma Arterton's character and notes that the film was "inspired by true events."

Runner Runner hits theaters on Oct. 4.