New Russian Industry Platform to Bring Together Northern European Filmmakers

The Northern Seas Forum is set to take place in St. Petersburg mid-month, with Oliver Stone expected to be among the attendees.

LONDON – Russia's newest film industry platform, the Northern Seas Forum, is set to launch later this month at the St. Petersburg International Film Festival with attendees from various companies and organizations and Oliver Stone.

The forum, scheduled to take place Sept. 15-17, brings together industry professionals from countries across Northern Europe, including Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the U.K., Ireland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Designed as a "hub of cultural dialog and networking for producers, distributors, representatives of state and private funds, investors and sponsors," the event will bring together more than 150 companies and organizations, including Yellow Affair, Twenty Twenty Vision, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Riga City Council, Apple Films, Nordmedia Fonds, German Films, Rohfilm, Volya Films, Matila Productions, Estonian Film Institute, National Film Centre of Latvia, Jos Stelling Films, Fortissimo Film Sales, The Finnish Film Foundation, the Icelandic Film Centre and many others.

Based at St. Peterburg's Original Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden, the forum includes a co-production market, master classes, cases studies and industry presentations.

Directors, including Jos Stelling and Veiko Ounpuu, will present their new projects. Stone is also due to attend the forum, organizers said Monday.

In other events at the forum, the winners of a new private Russian initiative to provide seed funding for projects, the Point of View (POV) Fund, will present their projects. POV provides interest free grants of up to $33,000 to assist feature co-productions of "high artistic value" with a Russian partner.

The fund's expert group, which includes leading Russian and European industry figures, Sergey Selyanov (CTB Film Company), Artem Vasiliev (MetraFilms) Konstantinos Kontovrakis (Herectic, Cinemart), Riina Sildos (Amrion, Baltic Event) and Jean-Christophe Simon (Films Boutiques), chose the following films for its first grants:

·      The Woman from Ingria (producer Pavel Odynin)

·      Svetlana(producers Anastasia Perova, Olga Kolegaeva, Konstantin Nafikov, Karsten Stoter)

·      Manifestation (director Anna Sarukhanova; producer Julia Mishkinene.)