New Sarah Palin Documentary Emerges (Video)

British director Nick Broomfield will screen the film for buyers next week in Los Angeles.

As the Sarah Palin documentary Undefeated heads toward its world premiere on Tuesday, another documentary is making the rounds looking for distributors.

British filmmaker Nick Broomfield has made a much more critical look at Palin's life and rise to prominence, featuring interviews with her parents, friends, colleagues such as ex-legislative director John Bitney, ex brother-in-law Mike Wooten and many others.

STORY: Sarah Palin's 'Undefeated' Doc Sets World Premiere for Tuesday in Iowa
The film is screening for buyers next week in Los Angeles and might even get a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

Broomfield has made a number of documentaries notable for their unconventional takes on high profile subjects, including 1998's Kurt & Courtney, which questioned whether Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain's 1994 suicide was really a murder; Biggie & Tupac; and the British TV movie His Big White Self, about South African white supremacist Eugene Terre'blanche.

The Palin doc Undefeated, directed by Stephen Bannon, chronicles the former Alaska Governor's rise to national prominence as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate in 2008. Bannon, who first gained the support of Palin after his Tea Party documentary Generation Zero was broadcast on Fox News, intended to call the film Take a Stand, which was Palin's campaign slogan when she ran for governor in 2006. Instead, it became The Undefeated to make it sound more triumphant.