New Shiba Inu Puppy Cam Seen by 27 Million Viewers So Far (Live Video)

Live video of Kiko, who became a worldwide sensation in 2008, and her third litter of puppies is still a huge Internet draw.

The Shina Ibu puppy cam is back for a third time, and viewers still can't get enough.

In the two weeks since a Shiba Inu female named Kiko gave birth to her third litter, more than 27 million people have visited Ustream to watch live video of the six pups.

The puppies, who were born April 14, live with a family in San Francisco, who claims this is Kiko's final litter.

Kiko first became a worldwide sensation in 2008, when her owners put the live feed of her first litter online. In the first week, 4 million viewers from 74 countries tuned in to watch the pups.

Meanwhile, anyone interested in adopting one of the puppies is out of luck: The owners say they have already found homes for all six pups.

Watch the live stream below.