New Studio for Horror Films Launches in Russia

Moscow Downtown - H 2015
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Moscow Downtown - H 2015

Its first project is expected to go into production during the spring of 2016.

Heads of Russian distributor Volgafilm and TV production company FMP Group are partnering up to launch the country's first company focused entirely on horror movies.

Volgafilm's head Sergei Yershov and Vladislav Severtsev, co-founder of the TV production company FMP Group known for the show Bitva ekstrasensov (Battle of Psychics), are launching a new company called 10/09, Volgafilm announced.

"This will be the country's sole studio focused on the production of movies in the [horror] genre," Severtsev said in a press release, adding that several projects are currently in development. The new company's first film is set to go into production during the spring of 2016 and be released by the end of the year.

According to Yershov, 10/09 will focus on national archetypes and mythology, revisiting it with the use of contemporary film language so that films it produces will also have international appeal.

Some of the Battle of Psychics archives could also be used as the basis for feature films, Severtsev said.

Severtsev and Yershov recently co-produced the local horror movie Pikovaya Dama: Cherny Obryad (The Queen of Spades: Black Rite), which they referred to as a trial run before launching their company.

Volgafilm is known as a Russian distributor of primarily foreign films and has worked, among others, with Lionsgate, StudioCanal, Focus Features and Pathe.