'The New Three Stooges' Cartoon Collection to Be Released in October

Courtesy of Image/Madacy Entertainment

Image Madacy Entertainment will put out a five-disc box set featuring animation and live-action shorts from the 1965 television series.

Image Madacy Entertainment announced on Wednesday the release of The New Three Stooges Complete Cartoon Collection, slated to hit shelves on Oct. 15.

Premiering on television in 1965, the show features animated cartoons paired with The Three Stooges' voices and a series of live-action shorts in which Larry, Moe and Curly perform short skits to accompany the cartoons. The five-disc box set will include all 156 cartoons and 40 shorts, released as a complete collection for the first time and retailing for $29.98.

The collector's edition will also include an audio CD featuring 12 sing-along and 11 Christmas songs performed by the Stooges.

The New Three Stooges Complete Cartoon Collection is the latest of several Three Stooges DVDs released by Madacy since first licensing the brand in 2005.