New tool gauges Hispanic ads’ effectiveness


Univision Communications on Wednesday unveiled a new research tool that it developed in conjunction with Nielsen, which it plans to use in this year's upfront to sell advertisers on the benefits of advertising on its Hispanic broadcast network.

Called the Nielsen Homescan Fusion Project, data from the service, which will be made available to all clients, aims to show how spending ad dollars on Hispanic television can improve an advertiser's return on investment.

"We are hoping this will be a tool to bring new advertisers in," said David Lawenda, president of advertising sales and marketing for Univision Communications. "For any brand sitting on the fence or on the sidelines, this is the silver bullet. There is a misperception that if advertisers want to reach younger American-born Hispanics, they can do it best through English-language television. This research tool can prove that this is not true, that the best way to reach the Hispanics they want to target is through Hispanic television."

This fusion service was developed when Ceril Shagrin, executive vp corporate research at Univision Communications, approached Jon Mandel, CEO of NielsenConnect, to discuss the possibility of merging the data gathered by Nielsen Homescan and Nielsen Media Research. Homescan is a service of Nielsen where panels of consumers in various cities are given a home scanner and log in every purchase they made through the bar codes. This product-specific purchasing data can then be broken out by person and their demographics. Nielsen Media Research people meter TV viewing data in that same market can also be gathered by demographics. And under the fusion service, it can then be matched with people of similar demographics in that market based on their TV viewing patterns.

For the coming upfront, Univision will use only fusion data from the Los Angeles market, because it is the only market in which Nielsen Homescan has a representative number of Hispanics on its panel. But Shagrin said the Los Angeles market data can be used to sell advertising nationally, because its panel has sample that reflects the Hispanic population nationally.

She said Nielsen is in the process of expanding its Hispanic representation on its Homescan panels in other markets and expects that by January, data from the Top 20 markets will be available for use.

In one example of fusion data that Univision released, an unidentified cola brand targeting heavy users of its product found 39% of those users were Spanish-speaking dominant Hispanics, but only a fraction of its ad budget was being spent targeting that audience.

Nielsen is also working on fusing its American Moviegoing Study with its national TV ratings sample. Shagrin said this will show that Hispanics are prime targets for Hollywood studios because they see movies sooner, attend movies as an entire family and are less likely to complain about price.

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