New 'Toy Story' Toon 'Partysaurus Rex' Bubbles With Excitement (Video)

The latest Pixar short brings back old bath-time memories.

Nobody marries character and commerce better than Pixar.

It is the story that is at the forefront of the computer-animation studio's mission -- it takes years and years to develop each film -- but a nice byproduct is the fact that, by creating lovable characters, it also creates a great demand for merchandise. There is a distinct and ingenious twist to this formula when it comes to its Toy Story tales: It simply gives personalities to already existing classic toys, cutting out the initial brainstorm.

Such is the situation with its latest Toy Story Toon, which puts cowardly T-Rex in the starring role. He has been left in the bathroom (for reasons unexplained to this point), but instead of longing for Woody, Buzz and his original crew, he finds some new pals: rubber duckies, opera soap dispensers and loads of other bath toys.

Partysaurus Rex will be paired with the 3D rerelease of Finding Nemo, set for Sept. 14.