New Trailer for Disney-Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaur' Debuts

The sneak peek at the animated movie features a lost dinosaur discovering an orphaned boy.

Disney/Pixar on Tuesday released the first full-size trailer for The Good Dinosaur.

The sneak peek features a lost dinosaur meeting an orphaned boy. "A single moment can change history," text in the trailer reads as the dinosaur, an apatosaurus named Arlo, tumbles to the ground after reaching for food in a tree, only to discover a young boy.

"A single kindness can change everything," the trailer's text continues ahead of The Good Dinosaur's November 25 release. The animated movie imagines a world in which the asteroid that's believed to have killed the dinosaurs actually missed Earth.

The trailer earlier opens with dinosaurs watching passively as the asteroid whizzes by, changing the course of history. The Peter Sohn-directed film will be voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader, John Lithgow, Frances McDormand and Judy Greer.

The Good Dinosaur is Disney/Pixar's second film due out this year, as it follows Inside Out, which hit theaters on June 19.