From Bella, Edward and Jacob to Beau, Edythe and Julie: The Full List of Name Changes in New 'Twilight' Book

Courtesy of Little, Brown and Company

Jacob Black becomes Julie Black, also known as Jules.

Stephenie Meyer's new Twilight book, Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, swapped Edward and Bella's genders and made the love story about a clumsy, awkward human named Beau and a beautiful, otherworldly vampire named Edythe. Fans who are looking for the Jacob Black replacement are introduced to Julie Black, also known as Jules.

"Beau's personality developed just slightly differently than Bella's," said Meyer in the foreword to the new book. "The biggest variations are that he's more OCD, he's not nearly so flowery with his words and thoughts, and he's not as angry. He's totally missing the chip Bella carries around on her shoulder all the time."

However, it's important to note that Beau and Edythe aren't the only characters with new genders and names. Meyer changed the gender of practically every single character in the book, apart from Renee and Charlie, Beau's parents. She explained this was because of custody reasons.

"Beau was born in 1987. It was a rare thing for a father to get primary custody of a child in those days — even more so when the child was just a baby," wrote Meyer in the foreword. "Most likely, the mother would have had to be proven unfit in some way."

Apart from those two exceptions, plus a few background characters, Meyer came up with new, gender-swapped identities for everyone else, including the Cullen family, the werewolves, and all of Bella/Beau's friends. She kept the first initial of the names the same for all of the characters' new names.

Here's a list below to help keep it all straight.

Bella (short for Isabella) to Beau (short for Beaufort)

The protagonist of the novel, Beau, is just as clumsy as Bella, is prone to being cold, gets himself into trouble and attracts many members of the opposite sex. 

Edward to Edythe

Beau's love interest Edythe is small in size but very strong. She's sophisticated, mysterious, and often saves Beau from dangerous situations.

Jacob (or Jake) to Julie (or Jules)

Jules is friendly and open to Beau and has a natural, laid-back style. In Twilight, Jacob's part in the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle didn't grow in importance until the second book, which Meyer said she is currently not planning on writing for the gender-swapped version.

Dr. Carlisle to Dr. Carine 

The vampire matriarch of the Cullen family

Esme to Earnest

The vampire patriarch of the Cullen family

Alice to Archie

Edythe's pretend brother and Jessamine's partner

Emmett to Eleanor

Edythe's pretend sister and Royal's partner

Rosalie to Royal 

Jessamine's pretend brother and Eleanor's partner

Jasper to Jessamine

Archie's partner and Royal's pretend sister

Billy to Bonnie 

Julie's mother and a good friend of Charlie, Beau's father.

Jessica to Jeremy

Beau's friend at the beginning of school

Angela to Allen

Beau's friend at school

Mike to McKayla

McKayla has a crush on Beau and asks him to the school dance.

Tyler to Taylor

Taylor almost accidentally hits Beau with her car, asks him to the school dance.

Lauren to Logan

Logan is rude to Beau and doesn't like him.

Eric to Erica

Erica has a crush on Beau, asks him to the school dance.

Rachel and Rebecca to Adam and Aaron

Julie's older brothers

Ben to Becca

Attends Beau's high school

Connor to Colleen

Attends Beau's high school

Lee to Leann

Attends Beau's high school

Samantha to Sean

Attends Beau's high school

Sam to Samantha (also known as Sam)

Julie's older friend

James to Joss 

A vampire who attacks Beau

Victoria to Victor 

Joss's vampire partner and friend

Laurent to Lauren

Victor and Joss' vampire friend