New 'Vacation' Trailer: Griswolds Get Crazy New Car, Ron Livingston Gets Punched in the Face (Video)

The latest look at Warner Bros.' reboot of the Chevy Chase classic features lots of sibling rivalry and more wild moments from the cross-country road trip Ed Helms' character takes his family on.

The Griswolds have hit the road in the latest trailer for Warner Bros.' Vacation reboot, and everything, of course, goes wrong.

Rusty (Ed Helms) and his family set off for Walley World in a "2015 Tartan Prancer," which he calls the "Honda of Albania."

The family's unfamiliarity with its foreign car leads to a funny scene in which, during a car chase, Christina Applegate presses a button with a rabbit on it, thinking that it will give the vehicle "a boost." Instead, Rusty's seat swivels around, so he can't see where he's going.

Earlier in the clip, Rusty is shown singing along with Seal's Batman Forever soundtrack hit, "Kiss From a Rose," when it comes on the radio — and one son tries to smother the other with a plastic bag.

The latest look at the remake of the Chevy Chase classic also features more sexual behavior from Chris Hemsworth's character — who's married to Leslie Mann's grown-up Audrey Griswold — a montage of nightmarish moments from the family's road trip and a punch-in-the-face fight with Ron Livingston's family at Walley World.