New York-Based Concierge Medical Service Sollis Health Expands to Los Angeles

Sollis Health Launch June 15 - Exclusive/Assets-Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Sollis Health

The members-only health care provider is expanding to California with house call services this summer followed by a brick-and-mortar location to follow in September.

Sollis Health — the New York-based, members only, 24/7 concierge medical center — is expanding to the West Coast.

The new Los Angeles service will be led by Dr. Scott Braunstein, an ER physician with 20 years of experience at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Founding members packages will include coronavirus care featuring one complimentary house call for COVID-19 PCR testing with a 24-hour turnaround, an at-home antibody test, and access to Sollis’ in-home COVID management system. Members will also get access to 24/7 telemedicine and non-COVID-related house calls, from home-imaging to infusions to stitches. Sollis Health will then bring its other full suite of services to the city in September headquartered inside a 24/7 medical center in Beverly Hills staffed by specialists and physicians.

“With Angelenos still battling the pandemic, we’re pleased that we can bring our services to Los Angeles at this time,” said Ben Kruger, co-founder of Sollis Health. “Even though testing is ramping up in California, what’s more difficult to find is home testing coupled with comprehensive care.” Added Braunstein: “When I saw how much Sollis Health was pioneering best practices around coronavirus testing and care, I was excited to bring its approach to a city that needs it. Sollis has been able to help its patients and ease the burden on New York’s health care system, and my goal is to do the same in L.A.”

As much of the city emerges from strict isolation orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, Sollis Health is also said to be ramping up efforts to help Hollywood productions get back on track by offering workplace management systems, frequent ongoing testing and daily health assessments, among other services.