New York Fashion Week: Michael Kors Talks About His Fall 2012 Collection (Q&A)

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The designer and "Project Runway" judge tells THR about his inspirations, the 1930's and whose look he wants to see most at the Oscars.

Not only did Michael Kors show a blockbuster fall 2012 collection, he had a blockbuster showing in the front row. Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston, Amber Heard, Jessica Alba, Paula Patton, Katie Couric and Patti Hansen were among those next to the runway. Backstage, THR got to speak with the designer about what influenced this collection that seemed more fluid and sof than his last few showings.

The Hollywood Reporter: There are a lot of 1920's looks in your fall collection. Were you influenced by The Artist or Hugo or Boardwalk Empire?

Michael Kors: I describe it as sporty cinematic glamour. A little 1930's Carole Lombard or Jean Harlow. More sporty -- like Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Carole Lombard. They knew how to work sporty glamour and put it with deep red lips. A juxtaposition. The '30s were sexier than the '20s. These clothes move a little, they're not stiff. They are a bit covered up, but I find that sexier, too. This collection is meant to work for the red carpet and for the streets of New York or the slopes of Aspen. It's glamour, but it's real. Hollywood meets New York meets getting on an airplane.

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THR: The lengths are a bit longer. Almost every dress that isn't a gown is just slightly over the knee.

Kors: I think a lot of women have too many mini skirts in their closets. I call it "fallopian length." I think tea length is very chic at night, and daytime we did what I call "travel length," just below the knee. I think women in their 20s even look better in this length. These evening clothes are nice fluid clothes cut on the bias. You can so see a '30s star in these.

THR: Who do you have your eye on when it comes to the Oscars?

Kors: I definitely think Rooney Mara has had the most interesting sense of style all season, and I think she'll be the best dressed as far as I'm concerned. We're sending dresses out. You never know what will happen.

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