This Is What Naomi Watts' Stylist Does at a Fashion Show

jeanann williams IG - P 2015

jeanann williams IG - P 2015

Between Oscar season and fashion week, it's go time for power stylist Jeanann Williams, whom we caught up with at Honor's fall 2015 runway show on Thursday.

Ah, the life of a stylist. Sure, playing dress up with celebrities can be tres glam (when one isn't schlepping returns, begging designers for dresses or dealing with wardrobe malfunctions, that is). But there's quite a bit of elbow grease mixed in, too. Just ask Jeanann Williams, the style maker (and THR Power Stylist) responsible for Naomi Watts' standard string of red-carpet hits.

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"I'm busy!" laughs the gorgeous Aussie when we chatted her up at Honor's fall 2015 runway show in New York on Thursday. "I was working with Hailey Clauson for the Sports Illustrated tour, which is fun. I'm prepping for Oscars, of course. I've got a lot of fittings — Emily Mortimer and Naomi. Now I'm just trying to get in some shows to support the designers that I work with all the time."

In the middle of the madness, Williams has to get Watts prepped for the Costume Designers Guild Awards on Feb. 17, where Watts is being honored with the Lacoste Spotlight Award. And apparently, the pro isn't batting an eyelash.

"I feel like I work best under pressure," she says. "There's something about the adrenaline."

While it seems that's a standard sentiment in the styling world — the crazier the day, the better the work — Williams stands out from the pack for one very rare reason: She isn't the least bit jaded, as far as fashion is concerned.

"Being here reminds you how much you love fashion," she says, scanning a room that includes Christina Hendricks, Tracee Ellis Ross and Gretchen Mol. "The clothes, the industry — it inspires you. Seeing all the street style and all the people, it kind of makes you better at what you do. Which is good before the Oscars — the biggest night to style for."

While Williams is, of course, remaining mum on the specifics of Watts' much-anticipated Oscars dress (so far she's knocked this awards season out of the park with looks by Gucci and Balenciaga), she did reveal that the duo have almost decided on the night's final outfit.


"We're down to two!"

Here's looking forward to the final reveal.