New York Fashion Week: Rag and Bone's Fall 2013 Show Wows

Rag & Bone Women's Collection - P 2013

It was about as good as it gets for the brand that is quickly becoming Hollywood's favorite weekend wear.

Who: Rag and Bone

What: Fall 2013 New York Runway Show

When: Friday, Feb. 8

Overall Description/Mood: Rag and Bone's Fall 2013 runway show was about as good as it gets for this cool streetwear brand made good. It's the new must-have for weekend wear and everyday wear, and it plays all over the world. For fall, it was all about herringbone as a base – menswear fabrications,  played with touches of satin (in orange, pale blue and silver) and leather (pale blue and silver), and mixed lengths (longer jackets, shorter skirts, sweaters). It's a great pastiche of menswear blacks and greys mixed with femmy skating skirts and oversized jackets.

Lengths: longer jackets, oversized baseball sport jackets, slightly boxy cropped trousers

Colors: black, grey, silver, orange, blue, purple, white

Fabrics: tweeds, herringbone, satin, wool, leather

Relevance to Hollywood: Rag and Bone has become, with J Brand, Hollywood's favorite weekend wear. We can see all of these pieces marching down Robertson or Melrose Place on the weekend, and we can also see studio execs and producers wearing it to work. It pretty much goes everywhere. Is there a better recommendation? And the price point is wildly practical.

Footwear: funky, flat, British looking, chunky – and super cool

Actresses we cold see in it: Keira Knightley, Chloe Sevigny, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner