N.Y. Tabloid Papers Slammed for Covers Showing Graphic Virginia TV Shooting Images

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Thursday editions of the New York Post and New York Daily News featured stills from footage that gunman Vester L. Flanagan took of himself shooting journalist Alison Parker.

Both the New York Daily News and the New York Post have caused an uproar on social media over their decisions to run violent images of the Virginia shooting on Thursdays' covers. 

On Wednesday evening, the New York Daily News tweeted out an early look at the cover, which features three stills from footage that gunman Vester L. Flanagan took of himself shooting WDBJ-TV journalist Alison Parker. Flanagan killed Parker and camera operator Adam Ward on Wednesday before taking his own life.

"An early look at tomorrow’s front page... EXECUTED ON LIVE TV," the Daily News' tweet reads.

The New York Post's cover features a single image that Flanagan took of himself aiming a gun at Parker. The cover reads: "Gunman Shoots Journalists During Live Broadcast" with the headline "TV MURDER." 

Both covers have led to a deluge of angry responses on Twitter, with many users questioning the judgment of the papers' editors. Some Twitter users claim that they plan to avoid buying the papers out of protest.

A selection of tweets reflecting the backlash can be seen below. (The Hollywood Reporter has opted to not show either covers, given the graphic nature of the images.)


Aug. 27, 8:25 a.m. Updated to include information about the New York Post's cover image.