Read the Email: New York Times Reporter Asks Hollywood to Promote His Book

Brian Stelter Headshot - P 2013
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Brian Stelter Headshot - P 2013

To drum up sales for "Top of the Morning," Brian Stelter suggested tweets and other promotion avenues in an e-mail he blasted to industry insiders: "Tell everyone you know in real life… Any conversation helps!"

This story first appeared in the May 10 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter really wants his new morning-show book to be a success.

Stelter sent an exclamation point-laden April 22 e-mail to Hollywood insiders asking them to promote Top of the Morning -- some of whom were publicists, executives and other journalists on the beat he covers who winced at the near-begging tone.

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Stelter, whose prolific Twitter postings have earned him more than 180,000 followers, eagerly detailed ways recipients could help make the book a best-seller, including suggested tweets, Facebook postings and reviews on Amazon. He closed with this: "Tell everyone you know in real life -- at your kids' school, at your local pizza place, at work. Any conversation … helps!"

The self-promotion seems to have worked. Top of the Morning debuted at No. 13 on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list.

Stelter's full e-mail is below.

I'm thrilled to tell you that TOP OF THE MORNING, my book about the cutthroat morning TV wars, is out tomorrow! 

It's been in the works for almost two years. I promise I'll only send one email about this. But to make the book a huge success, I'm going to need help. Here are a few easy ways to spread the word -- I'd be grateful for whatever you can do. 

1. Tweet about it this week -- more than once if you'd like -- in the morning and at night!
[ super-promotional sample tweet: TOP OF THE MORNING, @brianstelter's book about the cutthroat world of morning TV, is out today! ]
[ another way: I haven't read @brianstelter's book yet, but I'm going to. And you should too. ] 

2. Share it on Facebook
At there are several previews of the book. Maybe one of them would look great on your Facebook wall.

3. Write a review on
It only takes a minute. Even a one-sentence review helps because it proves that people care about the book. You can post a review beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday:

4. Tell your friends in the media

Know any members of the media that might want to interview me, review the book, etc? Tell them about it. Are YOU one of those media elites? Email me.

5. Join my live tweets about morning TV on Tuesdays
I'll be live-tweeting a different morning show each week for the next few weeks, beginning tomorrow with "Good Morning America," which I will actually be on around 8:30 a.m. The chat hashtag is #TopOfTheMorning.

6. Spread the word

Enough about the Web. Tell everyone you know in real life -- at your kids school, at your local pizza place, at work -- any conversation about the book helps! 40 million people watch "GMA" at least once a month. Another 40 million watch "Today" at least once a month. Those people need to know about this book.

7. And buy a copy, of course! 
Available in hardcover, e-reader and audio versions:

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support; I really appreciate all of it.