New York Times Website Back Up After Crash From 'Technical Difficulties'

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UPDATE: The homepage and article pages were back online after more than an hour and a half of being unavailable to readers.

On Wednesday, The New York Times website was down apparently due to technical difficulties for more than an hour and a half. The New York Times Company website was also unavailable along with the international edition of the paper and its mobile site. The paper's iPad app, however, appeared to be functional. As of 10:07 am PST, the site was back online. 

"We are in the process of fully restoring access to The outage occurred within seconds of a scheduled maintenance update, which we believe was the cause," said the Times in a statement. The Times has clarified that an "internal issue" is to blame for the site's problems and that staff email was also affected.

In a memo obtained by media blogger Jim Romenesko, the Times editor in chief Jill Abramson praised staff for keeping composure despite the outage being like "the stuff of bad dreams." Abramson wrote of seeing the paper go offline: "The widespread grousing quickly turned to stunned silence as the realization set in that it wasn’t just our e-mail, it was our Web site as well."

The newspaper's breaking news blog, The Lede, appeared to be the first official Times account to mention website problems at 8:21 am PST:

In May, a denial-of-service attack by unidentified hackers made the website unavailable to what was described by the paper's spokesperson as a "small number of users." In January, the paper reported that it had been subjected to a breach in its computer systems by hackers after publishing an investigative report months earlier.