New York TV Festival Unveil Winners and Development Deal Recipients

The annual TV festival wrapped Saturday with an awards ceremony in New York City.

The New York Television Festival announced the winners in 11 categories of its independent pilot competition and awarded 20 development deals at an awards ceremony held Saturday at New York City’s SVA Theatre.

Development deal recipients included winners of the 6th annual Fox-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest, the A&E/History Unscripted Development Pipelines and finalists of the Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipeline. Additional deals were issued for BET, BIO Channel, Channel 4, CW Seed, Gannett Broadcasting, History, IFC, MTV, National Geographic Channel, Sundance Channel, truTV and VH1. The total number of development deals issued this year was 31, including 11 that were announced earlier this year.

The awards ceremony also recognized the winner of the MSN Short-Form Storytellers Challenge, “Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made” by Guy Georgeson, previously announced Friday evening. The project will receive a $75,000 production budget from MSN to create the short-form series for the Microsoft platform.

The number of development deals offered this year was up from 26 in 2012.

“We launched our first 2013 development initiatives during the 2012 festival and in the year since, we've seen growth across the board -– from the number of industry participants attending the Festival and partners committing to development options, to a jump in both submission opportunities offered and artists creating projects for our competitions,” said NYTVF founder and executive director Terence Gray. “It's been a banner year for the organization and we are indebted to our terrific partners and extremely talented creative community for their commitment to the independent television movement.”

The festival, which included screenings, premieres and panels, took place from Oct. 21-26.

The list of recipients and winners below:

NYTVF Pitch Each Pitch Partner guaranteed one development deal for an artist participating in NYTVF Pitch, with the following coming out on top: - BIO Channel: Anre Garrett (Miami, FL) - Gannett Broadcasting: David Guthrie and Nick Nelson (Toronto, ON, Canada) - National Geographic Channel: Justin Lamb (New York, NY) - Sundance Channel: Alex J. Mann (New York, NY) FOX-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest - “We're Not Your Parents” by Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith (Los Angeles, CA) A&E, HISTORY and Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipelines The winner of the first-annual HISTORY Unscripted Development Pipeline, which was selected from the five finalists announced earlier this year: - Rick Dobbis for his project, “Fire Bombers” (New York, NY) The winner of the third-annual A&E Unscripted Development Pipeline, which was selected from the five finalists announced earlier this year: - Nathan Stoll for his project, “Dirt Track Outlaws” (New York, NY) Finalists in the second-annual Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipeline (winner to be announced at a later date): - Jake Greene for “JR - Style by Fire” (Los Angeles, CA) - Sue Mowris for “LumberJill” (Madison, WI) - Harold Abrams for “Miss Vivian - the Funeral Lady” (Virginia Beach, VA) - Bill Herndon and Brett Gay for “Sisters of the Game” (Baltimore, MD and Fresno, CA) - Soreyrith Um for “Wrestling Hollywood” (Nashville, TN) 2013 Festival Development Awards - BET Networks Development Deal: Joseph Gerbino (West Palm Beach, FL) - Channel 4 Development Deal: Scott Eckert (Brooklyn, NY) - CW Seed Digital Development Deals (2): John Thibodeaux and Kevin Walsh (Chicago, IL) and Jim Garvey and Stian Hafstad (Los Angeles, CA and Bergen, Norway) - MTV Comedy Development Deal: Sydney Nikols and Julia Mattison (New York, NY) - truTV Development Deal: Ramiro Castro Jr., Andrew Rollins Dewitt and Mike Bridenstine (Los Angeles, CA) - VH1 Development Deal: Brona C. Titley and Tony Cooke (London, England) Additionally, for the fifth consecutive year, IFC is awarding the “Out of the Box” Award to the pilot that the network identifies as the most innovative or genre-expanding pilot in competition. - IFC “Out of the Box” Award: “Incognito” created by Alison Rich and Andrew Law (New York, NY) Independent Pilot Competition - Best Comedy Pilot: “Animals” created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano (New York, NY) - Best Drama or Dramedy Pilot: “Hereafter” created by Johnny Kenton (London, England) - Best Web Series Pilot: “Escape from Brooklyn” created by Sue Galloway and Megan Neuringer (New York, NY) - Best Unscripted Pilot: “Anything You Can Do” created by Omar Kenawi and Martina Kabelkova (London, England) - Best Actress: Alison Rich for “Incognito” (New York, NY) - Best Actor: (tie) Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, Josh Segovia, and Tyler Smith for “Exquisite Corpse” (Chicago, IL) - Best Directing: Todd Bieber for “Engaged” (New York, NY) - Best Writing: “Disenchanted” written by Justin Neufeld, Mark Spacek, Galen Church and Bill Wise (Austin, TX) - NYTVF Critics Award: “Killer Moves” created by Ben Hillyar and David Mayes (Beconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England) - NYTVF Audience Award: “Re:Verse” created by Stephen Soroka and Nic Rad (New York, NY) - NYTVF “Best of the Fest”: “Re:Verse” created by Stephen Soroka and Nic Rad (New York, NY)