New York's Derm to the Stars Checks into Hollywood This Week

Dr. David Colbert is coming to town to see West Coast patients and practice "piccotage." We find out what it is.

Any woman who lives in Hollywood -- and most men, for that matter -- know a lot about fillers: botox, collagen, restylane, juvarderm, etc. These aren't obscure treatments for the very vain anymore, or for just actors. Everyone knows about and wants to do injectibles: they're the so called "fountain of youth" at mostly affordable prices, and even a little dab will do you, as the old Brilcream ad read. A hit of filler can make the difference between a big frown line and a happy face, and as we've all learned, a fuller face with no sunken areas and planes is the most immediate sign of youth.

No one knows more about this than, A: actresses, and B: Dr. David Colbert, derm to the stars located in New York. Colbert is coming out to L.A. this week to bring his specific methods to West Coast clients.

Colbert will see L.A. based patients on December 8 and 9, from 11am to 4pm in a convenient Beverly Hills location. Why are his application methods superior to most others? The Hollywood Reporter talked to the doc and found out what's up. If you want to make an West Coast appointment for yourself, you can call his office in New York at 212-533-8888. Here are a few questions Fash Track put before him that will illuminate what sets him apart:

The Hollywood Reporter: Why are your skills with fillers so lauded by actresses and many New York residents - and magazines, for that matter?

David Colbert: I'm an artist at what I do. I have learned how to sculpt a face to bring out the natural beauty of a person's face. I have studied art, and spend often spend time studying facial contours both on TV, at the movies, on the street and at The Met Museum.

THR: So what exactly IS the Colbert tecnique of application?

DC: They key of the Colbert technique is using minute amounts of fillers exactly placed: a technique I learned in France called piccottage. I combine this with needles smaller than those used in acupuncture, as well as a light film of topical anesthetic to provide a painless procedure. We aim for a few years of rejuvenation instead of overreaching to far into the past. The best results actually come from minor enhancements of a person's features.

THR: What do you use in extreme cases when faces become gaunt and droopy?

DC: Women tend to lose bone via osteoporosis so we often will do the Calcium Nature Lift with liquid calcium. This gives a subtle new cheekbones and lifts the face. In sum anyone can do an injection but to achieve a really excellent natural result u must be not only a doctor but also an artist.

THR: How long does each filler last in the face?

DC: Sculptra lasts at least one year. Fat transfer is permanent. Restylane and Juvaderm last 4 months. Radiesse lasts 9 monthsThis is of courseall variable depending on a person's metabolism

THR: Why do actresses have such great skin?

DC: They eat well, they rest, they do the Triad facials we give here that combine facials with medical tecniques. They use ColbertMD products, which provide nutrition for the skin. They do Gentle Wave machines at home. They sleep 8 hours a night. They always use sunblock. And they never scrub their faces too harshly. My best examples are Jennifer Carpenter, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz.



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