New Zealand Eyewear Designer Karen Walker Heading to Hollywood With Her New Collection of Sunglasses

The mind behind the "Karen's Little Aliens" summer collection is one of Hollywood's hottest eyewear designers, and is loved by the likes of Rihanna and Florence Welch.

Karen Walker eyewear—you may not know the name like you know Tom Ford or Ray-Ban—but you know the glasses. Her bright hued, funky-shaped, plastic-edged frames are often made in extreme cat eye shapes or thick rectangulars. They are known for being loved and adored by Rihanna, but also by Florence Welch, Katy Perry, Alex Chung, Rose Byrne, and Dianna Agron

They are for girls who have a fun and flashy style and don't mind standing out.  Walker's glasses are a pop culture statement with color and bold attitude. Rihanna sure knows how to work 'em, even with her ever changing haircolor. 

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In her native New Zealand, Walker has a number of shops and also produces clothing, but it's her eyewear she's best known for. In fact, W.E. costume designer Arianne Phillips wore her big café au lait-colored frames to the Oscars with her J.C. Obando dress, making her the only person we've seen don eyewear on the Oscars' red carpet.

Walker's summer collection is dubbed "Karen's Little Aliens," and she's bringing them here to the City of Angels on April 11 to the Chateau Marmont, where she'll have a small private showing for editors and stylists. It's a little meet and greet, and it's about time, because these are the most distinctive glasses we've seen. 

Okay, they're not subtle—but is Hollywood subtle? Is Rihanna subtle? One might need to underdress with these, which makes them perfect for L.A. summer. We want to meet the mind who came up with these shapes and colors! This is eyewear as a pop culture shield—like wearing Alexander McQueen or Salvadore Dali for the eyes.