The Newest Thing From Estee Lauder: Aerin Cosmetics

Aerin Lauder Marrakech Morocco - P 2012

Aerin Lauder Marrakech Morocco - P 2012

She's been front and center within her famous grandmother's cosmetics brand, Estee Lauder -- but now Aerin Lauder is launching a makeup brand of her own.

Aerin Lauder is a very familiar face in the New York fashion, beauty and society worlds. She's the brunette granddaughter of Estee Lauder, and has been integral to the brand since she became a young adult. Now Aerin Lauder's landed on the cover of September Town and Country, which is out on Aug. 14 -- not unfamiliar ground for her -- but she's representing the launch of her own cosmetics line this fall. So the woman who's the toast of New York will see her name -- and face -- everywhere.

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Lauder says her collection -- Aerin -- will be "mistake-proof makeup," a palette of beauty essentials that will help women feel confident and pretty, while balancing work, home and family. Known for her style of utter chic simplicity -- think a rather Ralph Lauren-American style, or Hermes, which she wears in the fashion layout -- Lauder admits her taste runs to "cream colored turtlenecks," an elegance and understated old school style she got from her grandmother.

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Ronald Lauder -- the son of Estee and Aerin's father -- who's been running the brand for years, is quoted in the piece saying, "I'm very proud of Aerin, and I believe that however proud I am, Estee would have been twice as proud. She was almost the same age as Aerin when she started and I know that with Aerin's knowledge in cosmetics and her fabulous sense of style and taste, her new line will be just as successful as her grandmother's line was when she started almost 60 years ago."