Newfield leaving Trick Pony for solo career


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Trick Pony singer Heidi Newfield says she is leaving the country music trio at the end of December to pursue a solo career.

"I've decided to branch out and try it on my own," Newfield said in a statement Wednesday. "It's time for me to follow my heart and take my own path."

Newfield, 36, wished bandmates Ira Dean and Keith Burns "all the happiness and success in the world," and said she will always consider them among her dearest friends.

"The combination of excitement and anxiety I feel right now reminds me of when I first left the comforts of home in northern California to chase my dreams in Nashville," said Newfield, who was born and raised in Healdsburg, Calif.

Trick Pony's hits include "Pour Me," "On a Night Like This" and "Just What I Need." Their latest album, "R.I.D.E.," was released last year.