NewFronts: Machinima Brings Back 'RoboCop' With New Web Series

Courtesy of Machinima

The fandom-focused digital programmer also includes the renewal of 'Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles' and a series from horror legend Clive Barker.

Machinima is bringing some beloved properties and creative minds into the fold. 

The YouTube network and digital programming, which is focused on fandom and gaming culture, announced a slate of new programming on Monday that includes a RoboCop reboot and a series from Clive Barker

A partnership with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer brings the RoboCop series to Machinima. Announced on stage at the Machinima NewFront event in New York, the short-form, limited web series based on the classic 1980s action film with feature RoboCop returning to Delta City, where viewers ride along with the now standard-issue RoboCop offices as they respond to calls from dispatch. The series is shot in the first-person point of view from the RoboCop officers' heads up display alongside views from security cameras, dash-cams and drones. 

Another new series is Clive Barker's Creepy Pasta, which will put the horror legend in the middle of Internet horror fan fiction. The live-action short films will tell the tales of viral urban legends such as Jeff the Kiler and Slender Man adapted by Barker from submissions through the Creepypasta horror community. 

A month away from the premiere of season one of Just League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, Machinima announced the series' renewal for a second season. From producer and animator Bruce Timm, the series will turn the world of DC Comics upside down. The 10-episode follow up is being developed by Machinima, Blue Ribbon Content and DC Entertainment. 

Machinima is also teaming up with Blue Ribbon Content and DC Entertainment on a hunt to discover the next creator for the world of DC Comics. Eight contestants will compete on DC's Hero Project in elimination challenges to develop a live-action short video based on their interpretation of hte Starman series. DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns will judge the competition alongside special guests.

Other series announced include an adaptation of Dial H for Hero called #4Hero, animated series Happy Wheels based on the hit game and drama High School 51. Returning series include Chasing The Cup, Realm, Battlefield Friends and Deck Wars.  

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