News Corp. Denounces BBC TV Report Alleging Smart Card Hacking by NDS

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The conglomerate is in the process of selling the pay TV security firm.

NEW YORK - BBC television news magazine Panorama on Monday evening in the U.K. aired a program with new hacking allegations related to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

The program said that pay TV software and security firm NDS, in which News Corp. has held a stake that it recently agreed to sell, hacked smart cards used by U.K. broadcaster ITV’s ONdigital, speeding up the end of ITV Digital, which shuttered in 2002.

"News Corporation is proud to have worked with NDS, whose industry-leading technology has transformed TV viewing for millions of people across the world, and to have supported them in their aggressive fight against piracy and copyright infringement," News Corp. said in a statement. "Whilst it was not reported fully in the programme, NDS has consistently denied any wrongdoing to Panorama, and we fully accept their assurances. Indeed, the United States Department of Justice, a federal court jury and a federal appellate court have all rejected allegations...that NDS was either responsible for TV piracy or for distributing codes to facilitate piracy."

News Corp. added: "The BBC did not pose questions to News Corporation ahead of broadcast and was unwilling to engage in any conversation on this issue, which is disappointing."


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