News Corp.'s Julie Henderson Shifts to 21st Century Fox

The new executive vice president will handle corporate communications and brand management when the company's planned split takes effect on Friday.

News Corp. Chief Communications Officer Julie Henderson will land at 21st Century Fox with a promotion.

That arm of the company will house Fox's television and film studios, as well as Fox News, once the planned company split takes effect this Friday.

Henderson will also take on the title of EVP, handling corporate communications, as well as building and managing the 21st Century Fox brand.

"Julie is an invaluable member of our executive team, and her work in effectively communicating our vision and corporate perspective on key issues has become even more vital as we begin a new chapter in our company’s history," News Corp. COO Chase Carey said in a statement.

Henderson previously served as News Corp's senior vice president, communications and corporate strategy. She previously worked in News Corp.'s Fox Interactive Media unit and, prior to that, ran the digital division at MPRM Public Relations.