News mogul overly eager for 'Borat 2'


In the second time in as many days, Rupert Murdoch seems to have jumped the gun in announcing News Corp.'s initiatives. The chairman and CEO of the media conglomerate said Thursday that Sacha Baron Cohen has signaled he will do another "Borat" film with Fox.

"He will do a sequel," Murdoch said during an onstage interview at Media Summit New York, an event produced by Digital Hollywood and presented by McGraw-Hill. "He will first do something else … then he wants to come back and do a 'Borat 2.' "

That is far from a done deal, though. Baron Cohen is set to make a film titled "Bruno" that Universal Pictures recently locked up for more than $42 million. As for "Borat 2," there have been preliminary discussions with the British comedian at News Corp.'s 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the first "Borat" movie, which has generated more than $128 million in domestic grosses. But the discussions haven't led to definite plans.

"We're eager to work with Sacha again, and we've had casual discussions about a sequel, which we'd love to do, but at this point it remains too preliminary to discuss," said Chris Petrikin, senior vp corporate communications at Fox.

Nicole Sperling reported from Los Angeles; Georg Szalai reported from New York.