Newsmakers of the Year  

Tech advances and travails defined 2007

Technology — and coming to grips with it — was the biggest Hollywood story in 2007.

A-list stars, TV hits and mega-selling music acts took a back seat to iPods, downloads, viral videos and the headaches that came with the breakthrough software, applications and devices.

The WGA and studios couldn't agree on how to slice up the new-media pie — large parts of which remain half-baked — and 12,000 Writers Guild members took to the picket line to shut down TV and film production.

Apple bowed its iPhone and rivals followed, which brought music and video downloads to young ears and sent shivers up the collective spines of TV and film chieftains who saw their traditional audiences eroding. Movie ticket sales and DVD rentals sputtered as did TV ratings and CD sales. And while the media companies fretted about their content illegally finding its way onto file-sharing sites, user-generated videos and music dominated YouTube and its rivals. Content creators increasingly connected directly with audiences, essentially cutting the media giants out of the deal.