Newt Gingrich Says There Are Two Trumps: "The Little Trump, Frankly, Is Stupid"

The former House speaker backed Trump's claims of the election being rigged: "Without the unending one-sided assault of the news media, Trump would be beating Hillary Clinton by 15 points."

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on ABC's This Week on Sunday, where he commented on Donald Trump's critical comments about his female accusers' looks but also supported the GOP nominee's claim that the media bias is rigging the election.

“I’ve said this publicly, there’s a big Trump and there’s a little Trump," Gingrich told Martha Raddatz. "The big Trump is a historic figure. The big Trump beat 16 other people for the nomination. The big Trump is creating issues that make the establishment very uncomfortable,” said Gingrich. “The little Trump frankly gets out, is stupid. I mean, that comment just then is dumb. And I don’t defend him when he wanders off, I’ve told him over and over.”

Gingrich added, "Without the unending one-sided assault of the news media, Trump would be beating Hillary Clinton by 15 points. So to suggest to us that people who are concerned about honest elections are somehow nutty, I think is a mistake."

Tim Kaine also made an appearance on This Week, where he discussed how his Catholic religion fits into his campaign with Hillary Clinton and talked about Trump's claims that the election is being rigged, which the GOP nominee expressed at a rally in New Hampshire on Saturday.

"He's blaming the media. He's blaming the GOP," said Kaine. "He's saying that America can't run a fair election. He is swinging at every phantom of his own imagination because he knows he's losing."

Kaine also commented on the recent Trump accusations of sexual assault, saying, "It’s not because of our campaign, but it’s very characteristic of Donald Trump that now he’s blaming these women. He’s making weird claims that, 'No, I couldn’t have assaulted this person, she’s not attractive enough to assault.' How bizarre is that?"