Newt Gingrich's Wife Callista Gingrich's Platinum Helmet Probably Won't Spark a Hair Trend (Poll)

Callista Gingrich Style - P 2012
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Callista Gingrich Style - P 2012

But if she becomes an aspiring first lady, we may be seeing a lot more of her highly impersonal style.

Women in politics don't have an easy time of it. First it was GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s false eyelashes. Now it's Callista Gingrich's impervious platinum helmet  hair.

With all the brouhaha over Gingrich's second wife, Marianne Gingrich, accusing him of asking for an open marriage to make room for his then 20-ish mistress Callista Bisek, voters are looking closer than ever at Newt's third wife's to-the-manor-born personal style.

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Both Bachmann's fake eyelashes and Mrs. Gingrich's not-a-follicle-out-of-place hairstyle signal to voters that these women spend way too much time — and money — on upkeep. Eyelashes don’t come cheap ($300 and up for single lash applications) and it takes time to maintain them. And we're not even gonna touch Bachmann's acrylic talons and French tip manicure. Callista's platinum hue also requires monthly upkeep and that sideswept bouffant probably sucks up more hairspray than the entire state of Iowa.

Callista’s style has been compared to that of John McCain's wife, Cindy. The two do share an expensive platinum blonde hair color, short immaculate hairstyles and a well-heeled wardrobe. Callista also has a fondness for pricey jewelry, with a reported half million dollars of Tiffany accessories given to her by her hubby.

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But according to Robin Givhan at the Daily Beast, Callista’s perfectly tailored colorful suits and hard-as-nails demeanor signal that she might “spritz errant voters with Purell should they get too close.” One of Newt Gingrich's own campaign spokesmen told The New Yorker writer Ariel Levy, "I don't think she owns a pair of jeans. Casual Friday is not something that happens a lot around Callista." "She's the single most self-centered person I've run into in politics — it's all about her," another political insider whispered to Levy.

Some pundits wonder whether her mistress rep, rictus grin and stiff style could hurt the couple's public image. We're more concerned tthat she might spark a silver helmet head hair trend, the way Sarah Palin's bangs and upswept do did.

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Callista gets her Inside-the-beltway hair done at The Sugar House in Old Town, Alexandria, Va.  And her stylist Tatjana Belajic admitted to The New Yorker that she has yet to get a request for the "Callista” hairstyle.

But if Newt gets his party's endorsement for GOP presidential nominee, that could quickly change. What do you think of Callista’s hairstyle?