Connecticut Shooting: Victims' Names Released, New Details Revealed

AP Photo/Newtown Bee, Shannon Hicks

As more information emerges about the 20 children killed Friday, questions linger about how much contact the media should have with the surviving students of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Stories of heroism and new details about the victims of Friday's horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., continue to emerge. 

Below is the latest information since the tragedy, in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed 26 people and himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He also killed his mother, who lived nearby.

1. The names of the victims have been released.

Chief medical examiner H. Wayne Carver said Saturday that all 20 of the children killed in the attack were between the ages of 6 and 7. Twelve were girls and eight were boys. The six adults killed were all women, and according to police, all 26 victims were shot multiple times.

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"I've been at this for a third of a century. My sensibilities may not be the average man, but this probably is the worst I have seen or the worst that I know of any of my colleagues having seen," Carver said.

Below are the names and dates of birth of the victims.

- Charlotte Bacon, 2/22/06, female
- Daniel Barden, 9/25/05, male
- Rachel Davino, 7/17/83, female.
- Olivia Engel, 7/18/06, female
- Josephine Gay, 12/11/05, female
- Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 04/04/06, female
- Dylan Hockley, 3/8/06, male
- Dawn Hochsprung, 06/28/65, female
- Madeleine F. Hsu, 7/10/06, female
- Catherine V. Hubbard, 6/08/06, female
- Chase Kowalski, 10/31/05, male
- Jesse Lewis, 6/30/06, male
- James Mattioli , 3/22/06, male
- Grace McDonnell, 12/04/05, female
- Anne Marie Murphy, 07/25/60, female
- Emilie Parker, 5/12/06, female
- Jack Pinto, 5/06/06, male
- Noah Pozner, 11/20/06, male
- Caroline Previdi, 9/07/06, female
- Jessica Rekos, 5/10/06, female
- Avielle Richman, 10/17/06, female
- Lauren Russeau, 6/1982, female (full date of birth not specified)
- Mary Sherlach, 2/11/56, female
- Victoria Soto, 11/04/85, female
- Benjamin Wheeler, 9/12/06, male
- Allison N. Wyatt, 7/03/06, female

2. The media’s methods are being criticized.

Journalists have been taking flak for interviewing young survivors of the shooting and for what critics characterize as overly aggressive methods of pursuing the story, including reaching out to Newtown citizens via social media.

Cable news journalists including CNN's Piers Morgan and ABC's Katie Couric have tweeted about interviewing students at the school and have received backlash for it online. Morgan's network colleague Anderson Cooper tweeted that he would not be interviewing the children, writing he didn't think it was "appropriate" at the present time.

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Carlee Soto, whose 27-year-old sister Vicki died while trying to protect her class of first graders, was solicited by a reporter for an interview via Twitter, an event she found distasteful. On Saturday, she urged her community not to speak to the media, tweeting:

3. President Obama will attend a memorial service Sunday in Newtown.

The event will mark the fourth time Obama has traveled to a city following a mass shooting. He will meet with first responders and families of the victims and speak at the interfaith service at 7 p.m.

In his remarks after the tragedy Friday, the president said it was time for "meaningful action" to ensure such a thing did not occur in the future. The president did not say what that action was, and several commentators -- including News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch -- have called on U.S. politicians to do something about automatic weapons.

Others have expressed different ideas, with Ann Coulter calling for an expansion of concealed carry laws and Mike Huckabee blaming the tragedy on a lack of religion in schools. 

4. A portrait of shooter Adam Lanza emerges.

The 20-year-old shooter has been described as a troubled “genius” who had a hard time fitting in during high school and did his best to avoid attention. He lugged around a black briefcase to  his 10th grade honors English class and walked the hallways of his high school with his arms at his sides.

Lanza’s picture did not appear in his high school yearbook in 2010, when he was slated to graduate. The New York Times reported his high school classmates did not believe he completed school.

Another former classmate told CNN affiliate WCBS that Lanza was “just a kid” and not a troublemaker. It didn’t seem to be in his character to commit such a crime, the classmate said. A number of news outlets have reported Lanza had been diagnosed with Asperger’s, a mild form of autism.

Authorities say he attended the elementary school and used his mother's weapons to carry out the shooting. He is believed to have murdered her before heading to the school.  

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5. A number of teachers and staff are being hailed as heroes.

The school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, ran from her office as soon as she heard shots fired and reportedly was gunned down while attempting to confront Lanza. She was remembered by those who worked with her as someone who made the school a welcoming place.

Slain first grade teacher Soto died protecting her class, and photos of her have gone viral on Facebook and other social media. Her cousin James Wiltsie appeared on ABC's Good Morning America on Saturday and said police told the family Soto had huddled children in a closet and attempted to shield them from gunfire.

“Her life dream was to be a teacher. Her instincts kicked in and protected her children from the harm that was coming,” Wiltsie said. “Her mom and dad have peace knowing the way Vicki was taken from us tragically [was] protecting the children.”

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