Next CEO at NextMedium is Bluhm


NextMedium announced Monday that it has named former GoTV Networks chief executive David Bluhm as its new CEO.

NextMedium developed an automated marketplace for product placement and collaborates with Nielsen on its Place Views product placement tracking service.

"David Bluhm has a track record of successes growing startups through high-value IPOs and acquisitions," said NextMedium's founder and chairman Hamet Watt. "David's experience in mobile content also positions him perfectly to understand the need for a new monetization model for entertainment that travels through multiple distribution channels."

Bluhm has more than 20 years of experience founding and managing technology and new-media startups including GoTV, Mforma (now Hands-On Mobile) and Medio Systems.

"Brand integration represents the next major disruption in advertising," said Bluhm. "Within a couple of years we're likely to see the launch of at least one TV network with no interruptive ads of any kind. In-content advertising is where the action is. That's why I'm excited to be here."