Next Gen 2015: UFC's Ronda Rousey on Her Acting Career Influenced by Role Model Patrick Swayze

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With several acting cameos under her belt (and a "bad" 'Southpaw' audition), the mixed martial arts champion and star of the upcoming 'Road House' remake aspires to have a year as the highest-grossing actor.

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Can a mixed martial arts champion become the next great action star? Rousey showed off her fighting skills in 2014’s The Expendables 3 and this summer’s $1.5 billion-grossing Furious 7 (not to mention the cameo as herself in the Entourage movie). And while she’s due to star with Mark Wahlberg in STX’s Mile 22, a Peter Berg-directed action movie, the Riverside, Calif.-born Rousey made more headlines when she became attached to star in MGM’s remake of Road House, in which she would take the place of one of her role models, the late Patrick Swayze, playing a bouncer brought in to clean up a rowdy bar. (The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes is on board to write and direct the action vehicle.) As for the impact of all that fighting? Says Rousey: “I'm 28 years old, but feel like a 2015 model car with 300,000 miles on it.”

My industry role model: Patrick Swayze, in that he didn't just have looks and talent but the undefinable something that made him a once-in-a-lifetime force of a human being onscreen. He was captivating and commanded all of your attention even if he was just standing motionless and silent.

My worst habit on set: Blinking too much.

TV show I’m addicted to: Ancient Aliens

Actor or director I’m dying to work with: Quentin Tarantino

My worst audition: Southpaw. I was at fight camp, had no time to prepare, forgot all the my lines and had to read off the paper the whole time. I was pretty embarrassed, but it was a good learning experience nonetheless.

My hidden talent: Pokemon master. I can't explain to you why Pokemon is so amazing. You either love it or you don’t.

Role I would've loved to play: Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill.

If I weren't an actor, I'd be a: Fighter

My Hollywood pet peeve: Can’t spell flake without L.A.

Career goal: Have a year as the highest-grossing actor — gotta prove how much money I can make to other people and not just myself.

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