Next Gen 2015: What Was Your Worst Audition?

Rami Malek - H 2015
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Rami Malek - H 2015

'Mr. Robot' actor Rami Malek kissed a casting director and 'Straight Outta Compton' star Jason Mitchell's singing skills weren't 'Pitch Perfect.'

As part of THR's look at Hollywood's Next Gen 2015, we asked the breakout stars of tomorrow about their worst auditions.

Daisy Ridley
I really get bad stage fright. It happened this year. I went to audition for a film, and it was baking hot. I was wearing something that I couldn't wear a bra with, so I was wearing a sticky bra. I started the audition, and luckily it was quite short. I heard a noise and felt a sensation that one of the cups had fallen off because I was sweating so much. I was like, "Holy cripe. What do I do?" I made a clench to my elbow to the side of my body and acted like nothing had happened. I got up and said good-bye to the casting director and told her what happened, and she went, "Oh, I wondered what went on."

Rami Malek
I once kissed a casting director in the room and realized pretty quickly that not all stage direction should be acted out in an audition. That was a pretty valuable lesson — the look on her face.

Jason Mitchell
I auditioned for Pitch Perfect, and I had to sing. It was terrible.

Rebecca Ferguson
I do remember one commercial casting I did for a deodorant many many years ago. I had to stroke my armpit whilst making an oh-how-I-love-my-silky-clean-dry-skin sound and doing a little skip hop and a dance … I didn't get it!