Next Gen 2016: What Was your Favorite Part of the CAA Book 'Power House'?

Power House CAA Book Cover-H 2016
Courtesy of Harper Collins

"Ron Meyer showing that you can be a very successful, shrewd mensch," says one of the industry's rising stars.

As part of The Hollywood Reporter's look at the industry's Next Gen 2016, we asked the breakout stars of tomorrow to share their thoughts about James Andrew Miller's tell-all.

Josh Pearl, ICM Partners

"Ron Meyer showing that you can be a very successful, shrewd mensch."

Peter Dodd, UTA

"The part where the dozen CAA agents came to UTA."

Nick LoPiccolo, Paradigm

"How Ron Meyer signed Sylvester Stallone and the tenacity he showed. Stallone's managers wanted to test Ron, and Sly offered to pay commissions on money that he didn't earn. Ron refused and that was the beginning of their relationship. It shows the importance of an artist-first mentality."

Solco SchuitWME

"Ari Emanuel confronting Mike Ovitz before Ari left for InterTalent."

Melissa Solomon, Verve

"The important lesson of supply and demand vis-a-vis the Malibu house."

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