Next Generation 2007


Dean's List: Read profiles of this year's Next Generation class:
FILM: Alysia Cotter, Merideth Finn, Kira Goldberg, David Greenbaum, Jeff Katz, Irika Slavin, David Thwaites
TELEVISION: Jeff Brurstrom, Jason Clodfelter, Jocelyn Diaz, Jayson Dinsmore, Gina Girolamo, Chris Grant, Lisa Katz, Nicole Norwood, Lindsay Sloane, Jonathan Wax
AGENTS/MANAGERS: Jamie Freed, Jay Gassner, Joy Gorman, Alex Hertzberg, Adam Levine, Ryan Martin, Scott Schachter, Sarah Self, Brad Slater, Mick Sullivan, Jake Weiner, Joel Wright
LEGAL: Harris Hartman, Cheryl Snow
NEW MEDIA: Greg Clayman, Keith Richman, Adam Rymer, Brent Weinstein

"Pomp and Circumstance" kicked into high gear as The Hollywood Reporter graduated the Next Gen Class of 2007 on Tuesday night with a celebration at West Hollywood club Area. The coveted 35 spots of the 14th annual Next Generation class list went to this year's top movers and shakers -- all age 35 and under -- in the executive ranks of film, TV, representation, legal and new media. Among the partygoers who came out to toast this year's Next Gen'ers were alumni Dan Lin of Warner Bros. ('05), Endeavor's Chris Donnelly ('04), the Gotham Group's Peter McHugh ('05), Mosaic Media Group's Dave Fleming ('02), Fortitude's Ben Press ('00) and Principato-Young's David Gardner ('06), as well as ICM's Chris Hart ('05), Mike Jelline ('06) and Brian Sher ('00).